Um… WOW. Pretty sure my hands got soaked from all the gore… and I was reading a PDF copy off of my computer.” ~HATCHET creator, Adam Green

ArieScope began accepting pre-orders for the upcoming HATCHET comic book series this past January! ”Issue 0″ will hit stores in the Spring with four variant covers available to choose from.

ArieScope Pictures Merch page states: HATCHET Issue #0 covers Victor Crowley returning to terrorize comics in a brand new comic series from American Mythology (STARGATE ATLANTIS, THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT)!  Filled with over the top gore and the series’ signature dark humor, this is the ultimate comic series for fans of the HATCHET films and for fans of old school American slashers everywhere!  Featuring all new Victor Crowley tales, the comic book’s stories will also include appearances by characters from the films themselves.

Issue #0 (featuring the tale of “Jack Cracker”) is written by James Kuhoric (ARMY OF DARKNESS, FREDDY vs JASON vs ASH) with art by Andrew Mangum (RE-ANIMATOR, EVIL ERNIE).  The issue will be released with four different variant covers featuring the stunning artwork of Mangum, Greg LaRocque (THE AVENGERS, THE FLASH), and Buz Hasson (THE LIVING CORPSE).

HATCHET creator, writer, and director Adam Green posted on his Facebook how the first read went.

Shop the ArieScope Pictures BUY STUFF store and you can pre-order one of the four variants, order all four covers together, or order one of the ultra rare “Slash Fiction” covers (limited to only 50 copies for sale) that come with a specialized blank sketch cover containing a handwritten, one-of-a-kind short story written by Green.

Issue & Order Details:

Release date: April 2017*
*NOTE: The exact date that we receive the comics is entirely up to the American Mythology and their printer.  The date that we receive the comics in stock is beyond our control but American Mythology expects the comics to arrive in us in MARCH.  However, we’ve listed APRIL as the release date just to play it as safe as we can.  Pre-orders will ship as soon as we receive the stock so please be patient and hopefully, your copies arrive earlier than expected.
As always, pre-ordering not only saves you a few dollars off of our regular price… it also guarantees that your comics ship out from our warehouse as soon as we receive them in stock which sometimes can even mean having yours shipped days before they actually hit retail shelves anywhere else. ~ ArieScope Pictures
Well, what are you waiting for? Pre-Order your copy now!