SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Etsy sellers, HangMeOfficial hit a home run by handmaking a line of horror piñatas.

Grab a bat ( wrapped in barbwire, optional), stick, cricket bat, whatever just grab something and get ready to finally have a shot at some monsters. The creative minds at HangMeOfficial created the perfect piñate line that resembles some of the horror genre’s most iconic characters.This is a brilliant idea and we want them all. Horror piñatas…AMAZING!

Take a look

About HAngMeOfficial

We design Iconic horror images in refurbished frames! We also design candles and our very own spooky Jiffy Pop! We can do some custom orders, too! We can even put your image or your child’s image on a candle, just contact us and let us know what you’re thinking. You can also order autographed copies of “Family Plot” and “Southpaw” by Tina Kaleal.

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This is a brilliant idea and we want them all

Thank you, Nerdist for in the introduction!!