MadMaskMan Bleeds for His Art!
12049185_1714314472136059_7551267820782907962_nThe internet, specifically Facebook, is giving a lot of up-and-coming mask makers a platform for learning from one another and sharing their creations. One brutal artist out in Ohio is getting a lot of attention and gaining legions of fans for his unique and disturbing creations. MadMaskMan has a captivating and impactful style all his own—and believe when I say this: He puts more of himself into his passion than any other artist you’re likely to meet!

I first became aware of MadMaskMan when I featured him on The Blood-Shed last May (you can read that article, HERE: TheBloodshed-MadMaskMan I was immediately impressed by his mixture of macabre and folk-art elements to create something completely original—and terrifying! A hardcore Death Metal aficionado, MadMaskMan is becoming the go-to guy for some of the most crushing acts in America and Scandinavia.

While MadMaskMan has a handful of signature prototypes, each mask he creates is one-of-a-kind and can be customized to a buyer’s specifications. But it isn’t just his willingness to go above and beyond artistically to please his clients that sets him apart from the pack, MadMaskMan bleeds for his art—literally!

It began with an accident, as he explains: “The very first time I used my blood on a mask was earlier this summer. While carving scars on a “MadMilitia” mask I accidentally stabbed my hand with the knife I was using and instead of running for a towel I decided to let the blood flow onto the mask. The end result was brutal as fuck and looked so much better than using paint to simulate blood. Ever since then when I want blood splatter on a mask I use my blood.” It’s hard to argue with the results, which are nothing less than brilliant!

So does MadMaskMan offer some personalized blood-splatter upon request? Not exactly; while you can indeed request the artisan’s blood, you’ll get it no matter what!

“Something I have never posted or said anything about before is that every mask that I have created since that first accidental blood mask has my blood on it. Sometimes it’s just a small drop that I paint over black or red so it can’t be seen and sometimes the whole mask is covered in my blood. Kinda like a DNA signature I guess.”

The one and only place to peruse MadMaskMan’s catalog and order your own bloody creation is his Facebook page; you can link up with him HERE: Just don’t expect to get your custom bloodied visage by Halloween, though, as the artist is incredibly busy this time of year. Still, he’s definitely an up-and-comer with a bright future! Keep up the brutal work!

Check out some of MadMaskMan’s recent bloody creations below.


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