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Artists- Actors, Writers, Directors, Producer, painter, performance artist and musicians.

Sleeping Beauties

SLEEPING BEAUTIES: A Collectible Limited ONE TIME PRINTING by Stephen King and Owen King...

Sleeping Beauties: The Deluxe Special Edition A Collectible Limited ONE TIME PRINTING of this Chilling New Epic Novel by Stephen King and Owen King! Sleeping Beauties: The Deluxe Special Edition by Stephen...

The mind behind the Xenomorph H.R.GIGER. Celebrate the artist who created what became ALIEN

Revisit where the Xenomorph originally came from. Artist and visionary, H.R. Giger gifted the world with his illustrations of the 'perfect organism' that would become a nightmare spanning over...
anatomy art

Anatomy Art Like You Have NEVER Seen Before. And You Won’t Believe What It’s...

Anatomy art you really can wrap your brain around. This visceral arrangement of anatomical cross-sections is stunning. And made from PAPER. And the anatomy art brilliance comes from the master artist,...

‘Silence of The Lambs’ Director Jonathan Demme Has Passed Away

Academy Award Winner Jonathan Demme has passed away at the age of 73 due to cancer. The 'Silence of The lambs' director was a brilliant writer, producer and director...
Forever Midnight

Horror Enamel Pin “Must-Haves” From The Creative BadAsses Over At Forever Midnight

It may be Monday but get some retail therapy in and grab these amazing horror enamel pins from Forever Midnight. One of many reasons our horror community is great is...

PLASTIC #1 Is “the weirdest shit [Robert Kirkman] ever read.” And It’s Available TODAY...

Writer, Doug Wagner, says PLASTIC is "a cocktail of over-the-top action and gory, psychological horror intended to make the reader's skin crawl while activating their gag reflex." Did that get...

‘INVINCIBLE’ Robert Kirkman & Seth Rogen Adapting For The Big Screen! SHUT UP!

THE WALKING DEAD is the longest running comic book series for the great Robert Kirkman but have no fear, the second longest running series, INVINCIBLE, is said to in...

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST screams with Living Dead Dolls set

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST has never been more horrifically perfect. This living dead dolls set is guaranteed to unleash the beast in all of our horror hearts. With the...

The Pinhead Experience with Doug Bradley will tear more then your soul apart

For Pinhead fans it truly doesn't get much better then this. The Pinhead Experience with Doug Bradley ain't no photo op kids. You will get the chance to take a...
Robert Englund

Robert Englund Reveals The Last Horror Film That Scared Him

Robert Englund starred in one the most classic horror franchises ever but what movie scares him? He landed at the airport in Los Angeles the other day and the...

‘THE HOWLING’ and the FX affect it created

Ginger or Mary Ann? Batman or Superman? Freddy or Jason? An American Werewolf in London or The Howling? These are but a few of the eternal questions in this world. If your reading this...

THE WOMEN IN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL adds Heather Langenkamp to the festivities

Horror fan favorite, Heather Langenkamp will be attending The Women In Horror Film Festival this fall. Keep this festival on your radar as one to attend and celebrate all...