THERE ARE TWO OF ME – Cody Schibi & Lance Schibi Art show

Amazing artists & twin brothers, Cody Schibi & Lance Schibi are having their art show "THERE ARE TWO OF ME" and want you to come! The show opens September...

Five Times, Monster Maker Rick Baker Blew Our Minds

Horror fans always remember their favorite monsters and Rick Baker probably made them. Once every few generations an artist comes around  that changes the industry. Rick Baker revolutionized the makeup...
Tiffany Shepis

Horrors dignified dame, Tiffany Shepis! Over 100 films and counting

Horrors dignified dame, Tiffany Shepis!   Tiffany Shepis is a name synonymous with the word “scream”. She has appeared in over ONE HUNDRED productions, and as a teenager made her acting...
Face Off

SyFy’s ‘Face Off’ Episode 2 Sneak Peek At Alien Creations

Fans of Horror and Sci-Fi have opinions about practical effects and CGI. Most lean towards the practical and if you love the cratures they create then 'Face Off' is...

Game of Melons – Insanely carved watermelon tribute to Game of Thrones

With the 'Game of Thrones' season finale fast approaching Artist Valeriano Fatica went nuts with a watermelon and turned his love for the show into the ultimate tribute GOT...

Gallery: Sneak a Peek at the Upcoming GHOSTBUSTERS ARTBOOK

Lots of movies convince us to be scared of ghosts -- but, in the halcyon '80s, one genius film taught us ghosts could be funny, too. Since...
Tobe Hooper

Master of Horror Tobe Hooper Has Passed Away At Age 74

Master of Horror Tobe Hooper Has Passed Away At Age of 74 Today we bring you sad news. Texas Chainsaw Massacre creator and director Tobe Hooper has passed away at...
Jack Burton

‘BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA’ Jack Burton can kick ass in your home

John Carpenter’s Big Trouble In Little China and its hapless hero Jack Burton have a very special place in the hearts of Sideshow Collectibles. John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China has...
Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics Titles Horror Available Today!

Dark Horse Comics, a staple publishing house, is releasing some malevolent graphic novels available now. Dark Horse Comics was founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson as an offshoot of his...
hanuted Mansion

Foolish Mortals: A Haunted Mansion From Documentary James Carter II

  With over thrills, chills, and always room for one more… Disney’s “The Haunted Mansion” has become a staple attraction over decades of ghouls, spooks and fans who are turned...

Signature Monster Designs On Strollers…HELL YES!! Monsters On The Move By Niark1

Bugaboo Brings Renowned French Graphic Artist, Niark1's "Monsters on the Move" Come to Life in Colorful and Playful New Designs Global mobility company Bugaboo today announces a new limited-edition collection, Bugaboo...
Robert Englund

Robert Englund Reveals The Last Horror Film That Scared Him

Robert Englund starred in one the most classic horror franchises ever but what movie scares him? He landed at the airport in Los Angeles the other day and the...