Killer art is about to attack your mind! The art of Cody Schibi that is. Prolific and insanely talented artist Cody Schibi’s new show ‘We All Wear Masks’ is opening this Friday, Oct 14th at at SprATX in Austin, TX 7-10pmĀ  at 2400 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, Texas 78702.

The Story-

When 11-year-old Edward can’t find that perfect, one-of-a-kind, Halloween costume, he is spontaneously gifted a mask from his strange, reclusive neighbor, “Old Man” Baker. When Edward puts the mask on & peers through the eyeholes, his sight is altered in a very odd manner. Instead of seeing the everyday “normal” smiles & friendly gestures of random people, he sees their true forms dripping with anxiety, awkwardness, depression, confusion, anger, sadness, fear, etc.. Edward wonders why the majority of people cover their true selves, emotions & forms with fake appearances. After the mask begins to reveal people’s true character, he understands the desire for some to disguise them. But others he finds more beautiful without the masks which they hide behind.

In this exhibit, we see what Edward sees as he strips away the masks we all wear every day which hide how we truly look & feel….


So open your mind and go see this amazing show if you are in Texas this weekend!

Check out the ‘We All Wear Masks’ Facebook page for more info

Take a look at more of Cody Schibi’s work on his Facebook page