When I first got my copy of ‘Rise of the Harvester’ by Steve McGinnis I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I am a rabid comic fan but there aren’t many horror comics that have really impressed me recently. Rise of the Harvester is clearly an exception. It caught my attention immediately and it never let go until the final panel. The story is a very solid entry into the slasher genre and has all the elements to create an iconic killer for many years to come. The eye catching art and subtle use of color adds to the story and makes it a blast for readers. The use of color in the gore specifically brings the elaborate kills to life. The unconventional art style made every kill throughout the story a macabre treat.




This is book one of the series and it does a great job of setting the stage for some killer storylines in the future. This book opens with a routine transfer of a mentally ill patient. This leads to a conversation in the vehicle between the driver and a fellow officer about the nutcase in the back of the truck. This works as an opportunity to provide the readers with a backstory for the boogeyman of this story. The backstory that is told is tragic and horrifying, yet it does a beautiful job of not over explaining the character or his motives. It has been proven time and time again that too much backstory on a slasher can kill the mystique and this was not the case in “Rise of the Harvester”. The story also seems to play with some classic 80’s horror movie tropes without ever seeming forced or silly.


I would highly recommend Rise of the “Harvester” to anyone who is a fan of slasher movies, horror comics or great gore. The character design on the scarecrow maniac Samuel is iconic and incredibly disturbing. Each panel of Rise of the Harvester is eye catching and the story line never drags at any point. When I finished book one I was immediately excited to see the preview for volume two Rise of the Harvester/Con of the Dead. The sneak peek of the second entry leads me to believe I am going to enjoy the antics of the killer running rampant at a convention!

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‘Rise of the Harvester’