The ‘80s are back and we could not be more excited.

In the wake of the staggering success of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”, it’s no surprise that ‘80s-themed everything is seeing a remarkable resurgence in popularity; especially in sci-fi and horror.

In an exclusive published by The Hollywood Reporter, it’s revealed that Universal Studios have acquired the production rights to Joe Hill’s (“Horns”, “Locke & Key”, “NOS4A2”, “Heart Shaped Box”) novella, “Shapshot 1988.”

“Snapshot” was released earlier this week and instantly garnered positive acclaim due to its “Stranger Things”/Amblin Films vibe.

The novella tells the story of a 13-year-old boy, set in 1988, who ends up taking care of his elderly former housekeeper whom he thinks is succumbing to dementia. What he doesn’t know is that her memories are not being lost but stolen by an evil man named The Phoenician who uses a camera that steals memories.

The story will be published in a four novella collection from William Morrow in the Spring of 2018.

According to the article, OUIJA 2: ORIGIN OF EVIL director Mike Flanagan (OCULUS, HUSH) and writer Jeff Howard (OUIJA 2: ORIGIN OF EVIL, BEFORE I WAKE) are in talks to write with Blumhouse and Weed Road on board to produce. Greg Lessans will executive produce.

It’s no question that the level of interest for nostalgic, 80’s themed entertainment is high – so it’s very likely that “Snapshot 1988” will be a massive success.

While little information is known about the project right now, we’ll do our best to keep Terror Time readers posted as the film develops.

Stay tuned for more info and check out Hill’s novella, “Snapshot 1988” in the spectacular summer issue of Cemetery Dance Magazine.

As a huge fan of Hill, the 1980’s and all things nostalgic horror, we cannot wait for this gem to be properly unleashed to the public.

Until then, we’ll be watching and rewatching “Stranger Things” and reminiscing about the pastel-colored gym dances of school year’s past and hoping – praying – that our very own Lloyd Dobbler will whisk us away into the idealistic, whirlwind romance we’ve always dreamed about.

Don’t judge us.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter