The Raft to the draft! Daniel Beer introduces us to his new horror novel The Silence of Remembering

The Silence of remembering daniel beer novel

Daniel Beer is a successful actor and writer living in Los Angeles. His work includes lead roles in LOVE FINDS A HOME, a Hallmark TV movie. CREEPSHOW 2, DYING YOUNG , POINT BREAK, as well as several guest star roles on one-hour dramas. (Full list of credits can be found on IMDB ) . A member of The Actors Studio, attendee of the U.C.L.A Advanced Fiction Program, taught seminars on writing at Lancaster State Prison and had his short fiction published in the literary magazine 34th Parallel. I have the honor to sit and talk to man with a brilliant mind, Mr. Daniel Beer.

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Terror Time / Amy Humphries: With the amazing acting credits you’ve acquired throughout the years, what made you decide to write your first novel?

Daniel Beer: I have always been writing. When I moved to New York at eighteen to begin my acting career, I started to write my own monologues for acting class. My teacher was impressed, and told me to keep at it. In Los Angeles, I submitted a writing sample to the Advanced Fiction Program at U.C.LA, and to my surprise I got in. I had a short story published in the literary magazine 34th Parallel. As a writer I can tell stories in my own voice, my own point of view. The Silence Of Remembering is a coming of age tale, a rite of passage story.

TT: You chose the title, The Silence of Remembering and on the InkShare page; I love how you are so very real saying “I’m asking you to come on this journey with me. Yes, I’m nervous. You have to throw yourself out of your comfort zone. Believe me this is way, way outside of my comfort zone. I feel so strongly about what I’ve written that I will die if it does not see the light of a reader’s eyes.” What was it about this story that provoked the passion you have for it?

DB: It is a deeply personal story of Alex, who is filled with loss and guilt over his little sister Twigs tragic death the night she is hit by a drunk driver as they are walking home from school. Twigs, symbolizes the innocence of a lost childhood and the loss sense of self. Alex is haunted by the events of that night, the secret he has kept between himself, and his mom. Great stories are ghost stories, where characters are haunted. I’m haunted by my own ghosts; the trauma’s I’ve been through. A monster that took me years to see. I put it all into this book. In the end it is a story of begrudgingly surrendering to forces that one cannot control, and accepting your own humanity by forgiving others and ultimately yourself.

TT: Taking into consideration the literary works currently available to the public, what makes this story a “must have”?

DB: There hasn’t been a good coming of age story about a young man’s fall into adulthood. How he comes to terms with his own psychological trauma. Alex’s (Main character in the novel) life begins to come undone, his past and present collide as tries to navigate the Hollywood Scene. I’m an insider in Hollywood, so you will get to feel what’s it’s really like, not some cliché, dehumanizing portrait. There are some really funny scenes in the book that are based on my experiences. My writing voice is unique, unlike anything you’ve read, and the intimacy of my voice will grab the reader. When I finished writing I had a greater understanding of who I am, what I had overcome, how I got there, and finally a feeling of being whole. Since we have all gone through life’s painful transitions, I think the reader will identify with the story, and say, “Hey I feel like that too.”

Terror Time / Amy Humphries: Daniel, you do so much as an actor and thank you so much for sharing your upcoming novel with us.

Horror fans…you’ll be glad you grabbed this one!

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