It’s October which means 1 thing… Halloween everything, and what Halloween is not complete without carving pumpkins, and these pumpkins are killer!

  1. friday-the-13th-pumpkin-faceImage Credit:QWERTYUIOP[]\
  2. chucky pumpkinImage Credit:
  3. army-of-darkness-pumpkin-carvingImage Credit:
  4. texas-chainsaw-massacre-pumpkinImage Credit:
  5. michael-myers-pumpkinImage Credit:
  6. pinhead-pumpkinImage Credit:
  7. bc5632eb-b02c-4450-8bfa-2efcc53f06d5Image Credit:
  8. psycho pumpkinImage Credit: 
  9. zombie pumpkinImage Credit:
  10. freddy pumpkinImage Credit:


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