With each new season American Horror Story continues to bring to life new tales of horror from a haunted house, to the freak show, and in this latest season, bringing you to a hotel with very twisted occurrences behind closed doors, but with each new season comes a collection of incredible costumes to put together the scene perfectly and now you too can sport these unique themes with the announcement of the newest line from Hot Topic featuring 5 different pieces one for each season of the show.
On September 28th Hot Topic will launch online and at select stores: Murder House Maid Dress ($79.50), Asylum Dress ($79.50), Coven Witch Coat ($89.50), Freak Show Big Top Dress ($79.50), Hotel Bellhop Dress ($69.50).

Hot Topic has also announced their exclusive contest to win your choice from this amazing collection.



Be sure to check out HOTTOPIC.com for pre-order and tune in October 7th for the premiere of season 5 of American Horror Story on FX.