Archie Horror returns with JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER ONE SHOT! Pre-Order your copy today

Superstar artist Francesco Francavilla (Batman, The Black Beetle) joins Harvey award winning writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (MGM’s Carrie, The Town that Dreaded Sundown) on the highly anticipated ongoing horror series, Afterlife...

‘Reading Stephen King’ Signed Limited Edition Officially Announced And Ready For Order!

Cemetery Dance is very pleased to officially announce READING STEPHEN KING edited by Brian James Freeman, a brand new signed Limited Edition hardcover featuring essays about Stephen King and...

Mick Garris Talks MASTERS OF HORROR and Adapting Stephen King

There are very few people who you’ll find are a better representative of both the horror community and its filmmakers than Mick Garris. He’s the kind of guy that...

Stephen King’s DOLORES CLAIBORNE Revisited

When you think of Stephen King’s film catalogue, you’d be hard pressed not to be haunted by images of vicious clowns, rabid dogs or sharp-fanged vampires.  However, some of...

The Best Horror VHS Covers of the Ages

It is undeniable that one of great aspects of growing up in the 8o's was the awesome cinema we were accustomed to. Gone are the days of visiting your local...

Review: Should you grant yourself the “WISHMASTER” Collection Box Set?

Last year, I had the pleasure of sitting down for an in-depth interview with Robert Kurtzman, a horror legend in his own right with decades of SFX and filmmaking...

Fall in Love with ‘Silence of the Lambs’ Again

“Hello, Clarice.” Those two words have been iconized in the world of horror and still runs a shudder through one’s body as spoken from the mouth of Dr. Hannibal...

Relive Your Childhood With ‘Tales From the Cryptkeeper’ | Classic Dreads

"Tales from the Cryptkeeper" was always a Saturday morning delight. Ran concurrently with HBO's hit horror, "TALES FROM THE CRYPT," the animated series ran from 1993 to 2000 in the...

Shout! Factory Welcomes 2017 With Classic Horror Releases

Cure that New Years hangover with some retail therapy! No better way to start 2017 then to head over to Shout! Factory and add some epic classic horror titles...

Shout! Factory Sends Some Classics Our Way In January

In addition to their Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Thunderbirds library, Shout! Factory is known for great Blu-ray releases and international finds. January brings us a few more of...

Ken Russell’s ‘The Devils’ Invades NYC In January

On January 9th, 2017 the much talked about rarely seen X Rated cut of Ken Russell's The Devils will have a special one night only screening at The Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers...
Stephen King

Animated Interview From 1989 With Stephen King On Childhood

Very few people do not know who Stephen King is. Even the mention of his name provokes an immediate association to horror. A literary pioneer, King revolutionized a horror...