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With the recent news of Tim Curry and his first ever convention appearance in Hollywood, [click here to check out the article] I just had to revisit some of the darker movies and television shows that Mr. Curry has been involved in.

Sure, we all know him a Pennywise, the clown that epitomizes Coulrophobia, but did you know that Tim has an assortment of horror under that clown suit?

Rocky Horror Picture Show 

Tim Curry 1

Transsexual, Transylvania. All horror fans know and love this movie which is not exactly a horror but hits on the elements of horror films: mutilated brains for dinner, the murder of an ex-lover, the mad scientist…



Not exactly Pennywise, but another take on terrifying all that suffer from Coulrophobia. In this 2013 flick, a group of students break into an amusement park with dire circumstances.

Tales from the Crypt: Death of Some Salesman

Tales from the Crypt

My favorite, favorite, favorite episode of Tales is definitely this one! The story follows a conniving salesman who knocks on the wrong door of a family that consists of a mother, father and daughter trio – with all three characters played by Mr. Curry himself.  Mr. Curry’s performance was so stellar that he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy: Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series.

You can watch the episode here: 


Scary Movie 2


I loved this spoof on horror movies.  There, I admit it. In the second installment of the Scary Movie franchise, Curry portrays the role of a perverted professor, aptly named Oldman, overseeing the Hell House Project.



Based of the popular board game from the 80’s, this mystery-comedy film is based around a “whodunit” genre of films. Each movie is plagued by a mysterious killer that preys on a group of strangers. The plot of scary movie is loosely based off Clue – six strangers are invited to a private party in a secluded mansion known as Hill House.

Addams Family Reunion 

Tim Curry The Adams Family

In the cooky world of the Addams, it would only be fitting that Tim would play the eccentric and sultry Gomez Addams.  Tim was casted after the death of the original Gomez, Raúl Juliá.

Blood Moon (Wolf Girl)

Blood Moon Tim Curry

In this 2001 Canadian/American thriller, a young girl by the name of Tara suffers from a rare birth defect and joins a freak show. Tim plays the host of the freak show.

You can find the trailer here. 



We all love fairy tales. Especially when they are fueled by monsters and goblins. This is an epic tale of the Lord of Darkness (Tim Curry) and the forces of good vs. evil.

In ending, we can’t possibly complete this list without the presence of Pennywise.

Pw 2