I first met Mark Chavez at Son of Monsterpalooza in 2015 in Burbank CA and him and his amazing work immediately left an impression on me.  I was assisting Terror Time founder Tom Holland and his now grown up Child’s Play star Alex Vincent at their table where they had been greeting fans and signing autographs all night, most of which brought by the usual poster or blu ray to have signed.  That is until a very eager fan showed up to the table with something a little more out of the ordinary, a hand made shadow box which featured the cover art of Child’s Play 2, which had all three of us jaw dropped with the impressive attention to detail and quality that had been put it into it so much so that Tom immediately made me take a photo of himself, Alex and the box creator Mark Chavez to share on the Terror Time website as he knew this was something fans would love to see!


Little did I know that soon after Mark was going to launch a new company known as Disco Bloodbath that was going to take the Los Angeles horror scene by storm!  It was very shortly after meeting him at Son of Monsterpalooza that I started noticing Marks boxes showing up in the popular horror themed shop Dark Delicacies which is located on the Burbank Magnolia strip (seriously if you live in the LA area and have not checked out this store you need to do so immediately) and sure enough by the next Monsterpalooza only a few months later Mark had a table set up with a HUGE variety of boxes, all with the same impressive attention to detail and quality as the one that blew me away when I first met him.  In fact I’d go as far to say as some of these impressed me even more as he had begun to incorporate lighting, rare action figures, and some of them even decked out in autographs from the stars or directors of the  films that inspired them!  You know an artist is really on to something when he has a Candyman piece for sale and the first person in line to buy it is Tony Todd himself!


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As you can see Disco Bloodbath is popular at conventions with both star’s and cos players alike for a quick photo op!

disco 7disco 8


Since all of this has taken place over the last year or so it has been an absolute pleasure running into Mark at nearly every horror related convention or event I attend.  Whether it be a signing at Dark Delicacies or a convention like Monsterpalooza (Be sure to check out his booth at the next one September 16th-18th) or Scare LA, Mark is there with a huge smile and huge stock of shadow boxes inspired from films all over the genre.  Be sure to follow Disco Bloodbath on facebook and Instagram to see more of Marks amazing work as I can only scratch the surface with the amount of incredible pieces hes created.  For sales inquires you can reach Mark by e-mail here markychv@gmail.com .  He also has a website where his work can be found here that is temporarily under construction, but be sure to check back up on it and follow him on social media in the mean time for convention appearances and more!


disco 4


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