There are many great horror film’s that lend themselves to the holiday season, but very few of them have achieved the status of being a holiday staple like Joe Dante’s 1984 horror/comedy classic  Gremlins. The films focus is on our main character Billy (Zach Galligan) who receives a strange new pet called a Mogwai. The Mogwai, which he names Gizmo, is given three easy to follow rules in order to care for the creature which are, keep him out of bright lights, don’t get him wet, and don’t feed him after midnight.  Needless to say the rules are not followed which ends up unleashing a small army of mischievous little monsters who proceed to terrorize the whole town.



Well, now you can own your very own Gizmo in lego form…well almost anyway.  The mock up photo’s seen in this article have been submitted to LEGO IDEAS,  a site where fans can submit their ideas and gain support from others and have the product reviewed and possibly put into production by LEGO.  In order to reach the LEGO review board, the product must first gain 10,000 supporters.  Once reviewed the board hand picks which sets make it to the final stage and are put into production.  So if you’d like to see Lego Gizmo make it into your set of horror holiday collectibles ( I know I’m not the only one out there who has a huge box of tacky horror holiday toys which decorate my apartment from November- January) then click here and give your support! And share with the #legogizmo

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See proposed details below


And while your at it, don’t forget to pick up an autographed copy of Gremlins from the Terror Time chopping mall here!