Floods Push Huge Crocs into Populated Areas of Australia
Keep your pets inside!

The severe storms currently hammering the US are not unique to our hemisphere; parts of Northern Australia were flooded after a weekend of heavy rains. But residents in towns along the daily river, about 200 miles south of Darwin, have more to worry about than simply drying out. The unprecedented storms have pushed dangerous saltwater crocodiles into their communities.
Crocs have been spotted near the Daly River Barra Resort; others were found congregating on a flooded soccer field. No one has reported on the exact sizes of these leviathans, but they’re being described as both “huge” and “giant”; Wikipedia says saltwater crocodiles in this region can grow to over 20 feet, weighing as much as 3K pounds!
While no persons have been harmed by these fierce survivors of the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction, they have been sited snatching-up and swallowing pet dogs. Locals are, understandably, unnerved!

Run, Spot, run!
Source: Yahoo.com

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