SHAUN OF THE DEAD Stars Recreate a Classic Moment for Coronavirus PSA

"So what's the plan?" If you're a fan of Edgar Wright's classic horror-comedy Shaun of the Dead, you already know the rest of this...

Short Film: WIPED Might Change Your Mind About Hoarding Toilet Paper

If you're stuck at home reading this due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you're doing the right thing. But one of the disadvantages to posting up in your...

STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Title Revealed Along with Cast Greetings and Blooper Reels

It may be too early for hard details about the fourth season of Stranger Things, but we recently received a nice gift to tide us over – in the...

‘The Bong is BACK’ – Full Moon’s Evil Bong 666′ Hits Home Video This...

Get ready to take home the bong, cause' Full Moon's Evil Bong 666' hits home video this June! The sequel to the ever outrageous Evil Bong centric franchise is...
The Black Gloves

THE BLACK GLOVES Filmmakers Unleash Terrifying Owlman on Unsuspecting Urban Explorers

The producers of new horror film The Black Gloves have taken the villain of their film to the streets to promote the project.  The Black Gloves "come off" when the The Owlman,...

Full Moon’s Poster For Evil Bong 666 Parodies ‘Dawn Of The Dead’

  The bong is BACK! Full Moon recently gave word that the sixth installment in their hit horror/comedy franchise EVIL BONG has just received a poster! So I posted a preview...

Ed Edd & Eddy’ Dead And Buried: Series Creator Says Revival Will “Never Happen”

Fans of the 1999-2009 Cartoon Network animated series Ed Edd & Eddy' will be disappointed to read their fav series will in fact NEVER come back. This news comes after a...

‘Hollywood’ Sign Becomes ‘Hollyweed’ Sign For New Years Eve Prank

Only in Hollywood and the state of California could this happen. Some pranksters decided to play a prank on the city of Hollywood, CA by changing the famous Hollywood...

‘Elf’ Recut as a Thriller Will Give You the Creeps

The holidays have slowly came to an end and the new year is lurking nearby. It is only natural that we indulge in our favorite festive classics. One film that...
Child's Play Chucky Tom Holland

Watch The Roasting ‘Chucky’ Yule Log On Xmas Morning!

'Chucky' wants everyone to have a Merry Christmas by watching him burn for ya. Ho Ho Horror! Remember the scene in our boss man's film 'Child's Play' where Chucky gets...

First Dates Will Never Be The Same Again – ‘Trouser Snake’ Is Here!

You think of what when you hear the term 'Trouser Snake'? This is not that! When the title truly says it all! Who hasn’t had those moments where you are...

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of How The Grinch Stole Christmas This Thanksgiving

My inner child has awakened! The Grinch will be making his debut in November! In recent news creeping from Hollywood, NBC announced that it will be airing the FULL...