The holidays have slowly came to an end and the new year is lurking nearby. It is only natural that we indulge in our favorite festive classics. One film that never seems to get old in most households is Jon Favreau’s ELF. This festive film follows the story of Buddy the elf who accidentally gets tucked away in Santa’s sack and is transported to the North Pole. However, when he realizes that he is indeed a tad different than others, he goes on a journey to New York City to reconnect with his human father.

I have always thought this tale to be quite cheerful. Given that Will Farrell can make the most mundane of situations a comedic one. But, if you dig deeper into the story, the characters and plot are a bit jacked up. A tiny orphan is stowed away into a land where he is forced to make toys year round? Then, there is that bit of a frantic every time Buddy the Elf was forced to test out those scary ass Jack in the box clowns.

CineFix’s Take On ELF

CineFix took this notion to a whole ‘notha level and recut ELF as a thriller. It is quite good, hit play and see for yourself.