Ghostbusters‘ fans have had a lot action going on this year with the upcoming reboot on the way. The good news for fans is that Stern Pinball Inc. is going to keep it old school this time.

IGN wrote – Stern Pinball Inc. announced that their next pinball machine will be Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters joins the recent series of big-license pinball games like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. But, somewhat surprisingly, Stern’s Ghostbusters is not based on the upcoming reboot. Ghostbusters pinball instead draws its inspiration from the classic pair of films from the 1980s: Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Ecto-1, and Bill Murray.

A pinball machine based on Ghostbusters is three decades overdue. According to Stern’s Director of Marketing, Jody Dankberg, the reason it’s happening now is simple, “It’s just a timeless, great movie. It’s somewhat scary for little kids, it’s funny, and it’s [got] iconic lines, quotable lines for days.” And those lines are included in the game’s audio, along with the original theme song, and newly recorded callouts from OG Ghostbuster, Ernie Hudson.

Ghostbusters Pinball machine

There stripped-down model, the Pro version, has its own unique art, but lacks a few features only found in the Premium and LE. You can compare the machines using the slideshows embedded in this article — note differences ramp layout with the LE and Premium diverting the central ramp to a hidden subway path, toys like the Library on the left side of the playfield, and the ghost “Storage Facility” toy on the right.

But the coolest thing the LE and Premium versions have is something you won’t see in the images or teaser: An interactive holographic projection of famous ghosts to battle. Dankberg describes this feature saying, “We call them the Ecto Goggles, and when peering through the Ecto goggles, you’ll be able to shoot various ghosts who are not really there.” Using a reflection trick and an LCD screen, The Librarian, Slimer, and the Scoleri Brothers appear hovering on the playfield. Dankberg continues, “There [is] a sensor switch there that will note you went to it, and it’ll change where you hit it and explore or splat or whatever it might be. So, we’ve put a ghost into a Ghostbusters machine.”

Here are some other cool things Stern told us about Ghostbusters:

  • Ghostbusters was designed by John Trudeau, who designed classic pinball machines like Creature from the Black Lagoon and Bride of Pinbot.
  • When you hit Slimer he “slimes” the playfield, turning a bunch of the led lamps green. In this mode you have to shoot targets to clean up the slime.
  • Ghostbusters pinball features something called “para-normal magnetic action slingshots” which we want to know more about.
  • The playfield and other artwork features the likenesses of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, and Rick Moranis.
  • The Scoleri Brothers appear as targets that pop out of the open middle playfield.
  • This backglass will feature a dot matrix display, not a full LCD display. Although Dankberg told us that “[Stern] will be releasing LCD display technology this year.”
  • Hardcore Ghostbusters references are included in the art, like references to Tobin’s Spirit Guide and the Van Horne Pneumatic Transit subway system. These people really like Ghostbusters.

Although you’ll be able to play Ghostbusters at your local pinball establishment soon enough for mere quarters, you could also save up those quarters and purchase your own Ghostbusters pinball machine, available now through authorized Stern Pinball distributors. The Limited Edition has a suggested retail price of $8,795, the Premium is $7,595, and the Pro model is $5,995.

Are you a pinball wizard?

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