You heard us right! Crystal Lake Wine brought to you by Adrienne King and Valley View Winery for the perfect fan treat.

According to Crystal Lake Wine’s website this wine is all about the fans and love for Friday the 13th! CLW-Adrienne

When we first moved to the Northwest , Richard & I enjoyed wine tasting at the 11 wineries throughout our Valley.  We chose Valley View Winery as our favorite and quickly joined as  “wine-club members.”We got to know the whole family and their winemaker, a graduate of UC Davis, John Guerrero, who’s been with Valley View for over 25 years. Consistently we received the most wonderful wines, sometimes new varietals (ie: Tempranillo, Viognier)  that we would pick up from their Pavillion on a Friday night four times a year. Mike and Mark were always there & would pair up their new releases with some wonderful local cheeses and such.

Now six years later there’s over 27 Wineries within a thirty mile radius &  Sunset Magazine refers to our Rogue Valley and the neighboring Umqua Valley as the new Napa & Sonoma. Pretty awesome compliment and our prices are much lower; comparatively speaking.  Since VVW is family owned and self-distributes, they are able to cut out the middle man. They strive to keep a low overhead plus there’s no sales tax in Oregon! All those savings get passed on directly to you which  translates into a much lower price for superlative wine!

So, how surprised was I when Mike invited me to join the Valley View family last February 2010 at our Friday night wine pick-up!

“Why me”, thought I?? “Hmmm… Local charm? Wine savviness?? Excellent taste???”  (Perhaps all of the above)…  However, it seems as though the Wisnovsky brothers grew up in the 80′s and enjoy a classic horror movie now and then!   Hey, that was good enough for me!

The opportunity to crush grapes, to pour and hang out in the tasting pavillion interacting with happy campers from all over the world,  to assist in food pairings for wines and to really observe how fine wine was made… up close and personal!  Such joy! I have learned so much at my “new home away from home”.

Then we all came together a month or two later with the idea of Crystal Lake Wines. I was  included in all the major decisions: tons of tastings (sweet!) until we came up with my favorite choices to share with you and all my Friday the 13th fans, friends and family!

Beyond the fine wine in the Crystal Lake bottles we decided that my painting of my character “Alice in Canoe” on my wine label would be an appropriate choice!  Then I thought it would be fun to change the color of the canoe with each varietal. The green canoe for Chardonnay, red for the Cab Sav and my newest Survivor’s Syrah’s canoe is purple. Of course, the bottles include my autograph (or not) and a personalization; even a line from the movie! I thought that would make the enjoyment level greater and more long-lasting… even after the the last delicious drop has been finished…  the bottle is a little piece of Friday memorabilia!

With the holiday season coming up what better way to give the gift of horror (and alcohol) to the horror lover in your life!