Forever Midnight

It may be Monday but get some retail therapy in and grab these amazing horror enamel pins from Forever Midnight.

One of many reasons our horror community is great is we do love our collectibles. One item of choice for the majority is the horror enamel pins and Forever Midnight has killer pins we think you will love.

The Freddy Worm

Back by Popular Demand!!!!We {Forever Midnight} had so many people ask for us to bring back this killer Freddy Worm pin that we had to listen. Be sure to grab one now!!

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary Release of our collective favorite “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors” Forever Midnight teamed up with one of our favorite artists and all around bad ass Matthew Sylar to release this tribute enamel pin!!


Designed by Matthew Sylar (check him out on instagram @matthewsylar and his shop

This enamel pin is 2 inches tall and features 2 posts with rubber clasps. It also has the Forever Midnight Backstamp!


We {Forever Midnight} had so many people bummed they missed out that we had to bring back our first pin!

1.5 inch Tall Enamel Pin inspired by one of our favorite Films.
2 clutch posts with military clasps.
Forever Midnight Back stamp.
Designed by Jef Overn and Josh Staples


Forever Midnight

Designed by little shop of Gore


Forever Midnight brings you The “April Fool’s Day” pin!!

Inspired by the super iconic VHS cover from 1986!

1.5 inch Tall Enamel Pin
2 clutch posts with Black Rubber clasps
and a Forever Midnight Back stamp.


Limited to 50
Inspired by our Podcast Episode 21 interview with Maniac Cop trilogy director William Lustig – Listen for free at
Designed by Brian Henderson and Josh Staples

1.5 inch Tall Enamel Pin
2 clutch posts with military clasps.
Forever Midnight Back stamp.

Dedicated to the memory of the one and only Robert Z’Dar (1950-2015)


Inspired by the iconic cover of Stephen King’s “Night Shift” anthology

Forever Midnight has brought you a brand new enamel pin designed by our very own Josh Staples!

1.5 inch enamel pin
With 2 clutch posts with military clasps
Forever Midnight back stampSEE! Amazing right. So head over to Forever Midnight and click HERE to order!