In case you got distracted by Christmastime chaos, we’d like to remind you it’s Friday the 13th! It would be a crime to not dedicate a list of top horror collectible picks to… ch-ch-ch (wait for it), ah-ah-ah… the one and only Mr. Jason Voorhees, so with that in mind, we’ve rounded up some fun F13-themed gift ideas in case you still need to do a little Christmas shopping for your horror-loving friends (or yourself… you earned it), and keep the spirit of Jason alive year ’round!

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Friday the 13th Jason Spinner Mug

Bored and fidgety while waiting your hot co-co-co-fee-fee-fee to cool down? Give this little Jason head a spin (literally) and fill this super-cool mug to the bloody brim with your favorite caffeinated beverage (or whatever your poison) to fortify you for work or school!

Jason Voorhees Pom Beanie Hat

Are you prepared to venture out on a cold, dark Winter night? Not without this Beanie, you’re not! Now you can keep your head warm and cozy while showing off your horror spirit and blending in with the Christmas rush at the same time!

FRIDAY THE 13TH Jason Mask Pen & Pencil Holder

Need a little something to show your co-workers how much of a horror fan you are (as if they didn’t know already)? This little item will do it for you while keeping your table clear of pens, pencils and other potentially lethal pointy objects!

Friday the 13th Tattoo Flash Shower Curtain

Back from work and into the shower? This adorable Friday the 13th-inspired shower curtain is just the thing to calm your fears of a hulking, hockey-masked killer creeping into your bathroom…


It may be the 13th, but it’s also a Friday night, right? After your invigorating shower (assuming you survive that), it would be a crime to head to bed… so grab this light-up Jason mask and find the nearest party. You will literally kill it!