It’s the fresh start of a new year and decade, and tradition dictates “Out with the old and in with the new.” While we have to wait a relatively long time for Halloween to roll around again, it’s the perfect time to get an early head-start on some freshly-selected horror collectibles to keep your ghoulish spirit up and running before then!

Hit the link for order/sale info on each of these cool finds!

“Vote Black Phillip” Lawn Sign

It’s an election year, and we all have our own political views – and I’m here to tell you that’s totally okay, as long as we are respectful to one another. What’s not okay is if we actually have Black Phillip in the running for president in 2020, and your horror peeps don’t vote for him! I mean, who wouldn’t want to live deliciously?

Goat Head Salt & Pepper Shakers

Speaking of demonic goats… you can use this salt & pepper table set as a final touch to your meal – or even better, use it to create a lovely Satanic symbol for your next human sacrifice… uh, scratch that. I meant “dinner party.”

Necronomicon Plush Cushion

You may be cursed to an unmentionable cosmic fate after reading anything in this book, but you can always cuddle your way to doom in comfort with this (literally) cute-as-hell fluffy Necronomicon throw pillow!

Nerd Block Gravestone Phone Holder

Because there’s no better way to rest your phone… in peace.

Funko POP! Rides – Gizmo Vinyl Figure (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Check out our favorite Mogwai tooling around in this cute little red car to save the day. Can Baby Yoda do that? I don’t think so.