DM Pranks and Fright Dome Las Vegas Pransk

Killer Clown X Invades Las Vegas To Unleash Scares – Prank Video

This is the stuff of life long nightmares and my own worst fears. Freaking Clowns! Without question a scary figure for many. DM Pranks has teamed up with Fright Dome for the 2017 Halloween season with Killer Clown X and a series of hardcore clown pranks that’ll you’ll be glad did not happen to you. Sit back and laugh your as off as these poor souls will never be the same.

We moved to Las Vegas and partnered with Fright Dome to bring you a second episode of the USA series! *Killer Clown X Scare Prank – Las Vegas Clowns Sightings*

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Hope everyone has an amazing October filled with fear!

Go to Fright Dome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas for the scare of your life!

Killer Clown X Invades Las Vegas
Fright Dome at Circus Circus Las Vegas