Since we can’t all shell out the dough for a multimillion-dollar diamond encrusted skull a la Damien Hirst to make our homes Halloween chic, here are some more affordable options that don’t include faux spider webs, plastic pumpkins or styrofoam headstones.

Whether you are hosting a Halloween shindig or just hope to get your abode into the holiday spirit, there are now decorating alternatives for all tastes and styles.

1 Skull Appetizer Plates from Pottery Barn
2 20 Taper Tabletop Candelabrum by Sundance Catalog
3 Orange and White Pumpkin Gourd by SeaPinks, Etsy, $12
4 Swarm of 18 Bats Vinyl Decals by WilsonsGraphics, Etsy, $30
5 Chillingworth Owl by Ann Wood found via Craft

1 Braaains Mobile by SaltyandSweet, Etsy, $30, found via Mighty Goods
2 Manzanita Candelabra by West Elm
3 Black Crow Doormat by CB2
5 Zombie Plates by soule, Etsy, $14-16 each
5 Crow Candle from Pottery Barn