Knife-Wielding Tentacle Machine Turns on Creator!

I’ve never been more certain that Machines will one day rise and destroy mankind than I am now—having seen an alarming video on You Tube!

Subscriber outaspaceman recently uploaded a 51 second clip.  In it, an unknown “inventor” describes creating a mechanized tentacle arm using open-source technology.  To give it some kind of purpose, this “genius” decided to equip the machine with a Swiss Army knife.  That’s when things get a little out of control!

The machine was programed to gesticulate at random, making the task of turning it OFF dangerous—if not downright impossible!  I certainly wouldn’t risk my digits to reign in this beast!  The frantic movements and legitimate danger posed by the knife makes it appear like this mini-Frankenstein really is fighting for its life—or to end the inventor’s!

We’re doomed!

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