Remembering Ennio Morricone’s Best Horror Scores

By now, we're sure you've heard the sad news: Ennio Morricone, one of the most talented, acclaimed and prolific composers in movie history, passed away yesterday at...

#MusicFriday Worth A Re-visit: Life Of Agony’s World Gone Mad Video

For today's #MusicFriday I found something a wee older in a rabbit hole journey into Youtube: Life of Agony's 2016 album "A Place Where There's No Pain...

#MusicFriday: “The Devil is Back” — and So is Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin!

If you’re an O.G. horror fan, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the legendary Goblin -- the prog-rock band best known for their classic movie scores including Dario Argento’s...

#MusicFriday: Evocative Video for “Coming Down” from Precious Child

I'm all about supporting indie musicians everyday, but especially on my favorite day, #MusicFriday. This moody, evocative video by Precious Child arrived in my inbox.

#MusicFriday UK Electro-Industrial Biomechanimal Release Single HAKSAL

"Haksal" by Biomechanimal has been re-mixed by ESA-Electronic Substance Abuse and it's got me amped this #MusicFriday Biomechanimal...

#MusicFriday Video “Serotonin” from Dark SynthRiot Artist Violent Vickie

During this Corona Time I need some feel-good neurotransmitters on this #musicfriday and Los Angeles-based Dark Synth Riot artist Violent Vickie is ready to deliver with the...

#MusicFriday Video “Urgency” by Carré is an Audio-Visual Landscape

Aaah, my favorite day of the week... #musicfriday. This video from the band Carré arrived in the Terror Time inbox and I hope it perks you up...
Chucky by Alterian Inc, "Technologic" music video

#MusicFriday: When Chucky of CHILD’S PLAY Starred in a Daft Punk Video

Here’s one From The Vaults: that time the Chucky doll performed in a Daft Punk music video. That...

#MusicFriday: Shadow Fashion’s “Children of the Night” Shines a Black Light on Vampire Culture

It’s good to see some things that never change… like Vampire culture. Like any subculture, it’s not easy to explain to someone who doesn’t get it. I...

#MusicFriday: Daft Punk Will Compose the Score to Dario Argento’s BLACK GLASSES

Who knew Grammy-winning French musical duo Daft Punk were huge fans of Italy's legendary thriller maestro Dario Argento? Variety reported this week that the...

#MusicFriday: Saturday Nite Shockers’ Video “Blessed Be” is a Love Letter to THE CRAFT

Fans of Misfits, AFI and Dead Boys will dig Saturday Nite Shockers -- and horror fans will too. Their new video for the single “Blessed Be” --...

#MusicFriday: Was Beastie Boys’ “So What’cha Want” Video Inspired by These Horror Movies?

Today marks the AppleTV+ premiere of the new Beastie Boys documentary film directed by Spike Jonze -- appropriately titled Beastie Boys Story. One cannot live on horror...