To finish off our month long sale, we are coming to an end with a killer doll with an attitude, Child’s Play.


Starting today until October 30th, all Child’s Play merchandise (with the exclusion of T-shirts) will be on sale at the Terror Time Store. From Blu rays to Mini Posters we got them all!

CPEChild’s Play Autographed Bluray

CHILDSPLAY CDChild’s Play Autographed OOP Limited of 1200 Soundtrack

Child’s Play Script

cp-posterChild’s Play Autographed Poster

goodguyChild’s Play Autographed Good Guy Poster

CLPIC1-2Child’s Play Autographed Photo

CLPIC8-2Child’s Play Autographed Photo

Today is also the last day to enter our sweepstakes for the Terror Time Pack, get your entries in today!