Shout! Acquires H.P. Lovecraft Animated Film

0 is reporting that H.P. Lovecraft and the words ‘kid-friendly’ seems incongruent, but in animated form, it takes on a different light. Shout! Factory has struck a deal with...

Freddy’s 10 Epic Kills

Freddy is just about the most classic of all horror characters. He's made killing so much fun for his fans. We put together a list of some of Freddy's...

Introducing…..CLASSIC DREADS

Classic Horror of the 70's and 80's has been undeniably the epitome of what horror truly encompasses. From Fright Night to classic television shows such as Tales from the...

New Ghostbusters Reboot Photo is here!

With the Ghostbusters Reboot less than a year from release, photos are beginning to emerge on the web for the new series. While nothing regarding the plot has been...

Visit ‘The Shining’ Hotel Now With A Horror Museum

The L.A. Times is reporting that The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo., where Stephen King was inspired to create his 1977 bestseller "The Shining," wants to go one step...

Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival Announces Line up

Bruce Campbell's Horror Film Fest is set to return to Chicago this year and it's bringing some much anticipated films along with it. A lot of great films are...

Massive Asteroid Flying Past Earth on Halloween Night

As reported by Gizmodo, the unexpected asteroid will make its closest approach on October 31, roughly 297,000 miles away from earth. The 'Halloween Asteroid' or as I call it 'The Great Pumpkin' was...

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST screams with Living Dead Dolls set

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST has never been more horrifically perfect. This living dead dolls set is guaranteed to unleash the beast in all of our horror hearts. With the...

7 films to watch in memory of.

This year has been devastating to the horror community loosing so many incredible actors and directors that made such an impact on the horror genre, and rather than watching...

Paul Jones – Reminiscing On Ginger

Werewolves have proven to be a fan favorite in the horror genre. As the years have passed we've moved from the skill of Jack Pierce's work on THE WOLFMAN...

Submit Your Film To The Overlook Film Festival At The “Shining Hotel”

“Come out, come out, wherever you are.” Fans of Stephen King’s, THE SHINING, are in for a real treat today. The Timberline Lodge will serve as the housing for...

‘Hollywood’ Sign Becomes ‘Hollyweed’ Sign For New Years Eve Prank

Only in Hollywood and the state of California could this happen. Some pranksters decided to play a prank on the city of Hollywood, CA by changing the famous Hollywood...