Slideshow: Los Angeles Krampus Run & Krammpstein Live!

Remember when we said to forget about "Krampus overload" this year and instead consider the equally scary tradition of the Yule Cat? Well, we were only half-serious......

MIDSUMMER SCREAM Founders Launch “Season’s Screamings” Popup This Saturday (Interview)

This Saturday, December 7 from 10 am to 6 pm, horror comes to the holidays (in a good way, of course) in the form of "Season's Screamings,"...

Forget Krampus – This Year, Beware the Yule Cat

It wasn’t too long ago when the character of Krampus – the “Bad Cop” to jolly old Saint Nicholas who literally dragged naughty kids to hell in a handbasket...

Every Day is Halloween: Top 5 Horror Collectible Picks of the Week

Halloween is officially over... but as we reminded you in an earlier post, Halloween never ends for us horror fans, no matter what the calendar tells us,...

MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIE Book Release “Mini-Con” Recap

When is a book launch party not a book launch party? When it's a convention! The books in question – My Favorite Horror Movie 2:...

Thanks to Horror, Business is Booming at This Florida Video Store

We all have to acknowledge that the days of the brick-and-mortar video rental shop are a distant memory in the streaming age. But those who remember the...

STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Title Revealed Along with Cast Greetings and Blooper Reels

It may be too early for hard details about the fourth season of Stranger Things, but we recently received a nice gift to tide us over – in the...

How to Beat Those Post-Halloween Blues (Part 1)

It’s November… What now? As horror fans, it’s pretty much a given that every day is Halloween; October 31st is just the day the...

Happy Halloween from TOM HOLLAND’S TERROR TIME!

It's the right night for a Fright Night... right? The Terror Time team is gearing up for some major changes in the coming weeks......
Dragon Con 2019

Dragon Con 2019 review – Slaying The Beasts Again

In case you didn’t know, Dragon Con is a massive multigenre convention that takes place every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. It’s...
My Pet Monster - Collection Complete

Collecting Vintage My Pet Monster Plush Toys with Micheline Pitt! – Collection Complete 3.2

From screen-used props from 1982’s Poltergeist to Hot Toys’ sixth scale model of the Delorean from 1985’s Back to the Future, the Youtube series Collection Complete has often leaned into pop culture’s...
Gemr Collection Complete

“Wolfman’s Got (Expensive) Nards” – Mego Toys We Wish We Still Had

"Tales of Halloween" filmmaker Mike Mendez’s thoroughly impressive toy collection has recently been seeing the light of day thanks to the new binge-worthy weekly web series Collection Complete, and...