Inside Guillermo del Toro’s House of Horrors

Cue the creepy music; ignore the blazing sunshine. Ring the bell to an unassuming suburban home, hedges neatly trimmed. Spot, out of the corner of your eye, a small...

Limited Edition ‘Ghostbusters’ Sneakers Available For Pre-Order

In an amazing unveiling at NYCC this week, Australian company Nookiee showed off their new line of 'Ghostbusters' shoes. These sneakers come in three styles, the ghost-busting suit, the “No Ghost”...

Halloween Decorations turning heads in Ohio

One Ohio Family just won Halloween with their killer decorations! This highly controversial yard display has been the subject of angry neighbors and parents  as the home only a few...

Funko’s New Dorbz Vinyl Line Introduces Horror Icons

Funko's new line of adorable vinyl figures will be adding four horror icons to its line-up this month. Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, and Leatherface have all made their way...

Scooby Doo of The Walking Dead

Check out this amazing Scooby Doo / Zombies Mash Up

10 Most Evil Movie Curses

10 Most Evil Movie Curses Curses come in many forms. We all wish at times we had the power to toss a few of them around. In celebration of the...

Terror Time Week II Psycho Sale & Sweepstakes!

October week II sale! Psycho II and Terror Time sweepstakes

Donald Trump Meets Horror MashUp Wins The Internet

Donald Trump Meets Horror Mash-Up Wins The Internet God bless photo shop challenges So this happened on the internet this week. Some wizard over at designcrowd came up with the idea...

Rocky Horror Picture Show Reunion

It has been 40 years since The Rocky Horror Picture Show came out, 40 years of midnight screenings filled with men and women alike dressed in fishnets, shouting obscenities...

All the Horror, All the Fun: A Weekend Spent Shrieking at Shriekfest

All the Horror, All the Fun: A Weekend Spent Shrieking at Shriekfest This past weekend the 15th annual Shriekfest was held in Los Angeles, CA, at Raleigh Studios. Hosted by...

Shout! Acquires H.P. Lovecraft Animated Film

0 is reporting that H.P. Lovecraft and the words ‘kid-friendly’ seems incongruent, but in animated form, it takes on a different light. Shout! Factory has struck a deal with...

Tour Camp Crystal Lake this November!

Tour Camp Crystal Lake this November! Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco has forever been imortalized with the filming of Friday the 13th and what better way to celebrate than offering tours! This November 13th...