If you have a measly 3 million dollars hanging around in savings, in your survivalist bunker, or in an offshore account, you can own your very own piece of Hollywood history. The reportedly haunted Tudor-style home of horror icon Bela Lugosi has been listed recently. The house has been called Westshire Manor, Castle La Paloma, and just the Bela Lugosi House.

The home is in a neighborhood known as “Hollywoodland,” the original name of the large white Hollywood sign known the world around. Although it’s been remodeled since its construction in 1932, the timesunion.com lists that the home contains a ballroom-sized living room and stone fireplace, a formal dining room with iron-pane windows, and a library. It also has a heated in-ground spa, outdoor stone shower, a gym, and a master suite with marble fireplace.

Bela Lugosi starred in multiple silent films in the 1920s and 30s before inhabiting his most famous character, Count Dracula in Tod Browning’s 1931 classic DRACULA. He continues to be incredibly prolific in classic cinema, including THE BLACK CAT (1941,) THE WOLF MAN (1941,) FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN (1943,) and THE BODY SNATCHER (1945,) among many others. He lived in the house with his fourth wife, Lillian.

Lugosi isn’t the only horror legend to live there. Kathy Bates, star of MISERY and “American Horror Story” lived there for several years. In 1999 she sold the home to PRETTY IN PINK and “Two and a Half Men” star Jon Cryer, with the home undergoing its renovations after he left.

The house follows other recent real estate sales that are connected to horror. Last year, the infamous house that was the basis for THE AMITYVILLE HORROR was sold, with the owner asking for $850 thousand. The gas station from the original 1974 TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was purchased and reopened as a souvenir shop that will also serve barbecue.

If you happen to have 3 million dollars and end up buying Bela Lugosi’s former home, you’re going to have to invite us over for dinner and let us see if it’s truly haunted!

Bella Legosi House