Sinister Fashion: Fantich & Young Make Shoes for Apex Predators
Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young are East London based artists and have been working together as Fantich & Young since 2008. From their Official Facebook Page: “The art practice of Fantich & Young addresses parallels between social evolution and evolution in the natural world: Nature as model or nature as a threat.”

825713-7This macabre duo has created a tongue-in-cheek line of shoes under the moto: “Harder, Stronger, Richer: Teeth-Laden Fashion for the 1%”.

Yes: “Teeth-Laden”! The soles of these shoes are covered in rows upon rows of actual teeth—looking like something straight out of a child’s nightmare! I can’t imagine anyone actually wearing these shoes, except maybe a new horror villain—or Satan himself! There’s just something incredibly deviant about these; unique, captivating, and bloody disgusting!


While you actually can order yourself a pair of these killer-kicks (they can be constructed for men, women, and even children), they’re part of a satirical installation called Apex Predator, which, I suspect, is a study of the fashion industry’s culture of consumption and the creation of oppressive hierarchies. Additional sales taglines for the fictitious fashion line include: “Top of the Food Chain”, “A Lifestyle Choice”, “Power and Exclusivity”, “Primeval Yet Contemporary”, and (my personal favorite) “Descent and Modification.”


It probably goes without saying that you shouldn’t wear these suckers on hard-wood flooring!
Fantich & Young’s most current project, Darwinian Voodoo, “creates art that subverts Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection with the belief system of supernatural ceremonial ritual. The concepts of nature and super-nature are explored in the work”.

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