Severed Feet

 Severed Feet Continuing to Wash Ashore in Canada

Severed Feet

Something strange is “afoot” at beaches on the Pacific Coast of Canada—and I “smell” the plot of a

future horror movie! Sources tell us: “A severed foot, still inside of a running shoe, is the 13th

dismembered foot to wash up on the shore of British Columbia since 2007, according to the British

Columbia Coroners service.”

The foot was found on Feb. 7 by a family walking along Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island. Charlotte

Stephens told CBC that her husband picked up the shoe and didn’t notice anything unusual at first. “He

… brought it out on to the beach, and we had a look at it for about five minutes, and we thought, it

almost looks like there is an actual foot bone in it.”

Since 2007, theories have abounded as to the causes and sources of these severed feet. Popular

speculation posits it’s the work of drug dealers and/or human traffickers. Others suspect a natural

disaster, like the Indonesian tsunami of 2004. Of the 13 recovered feet, only 10 have been identified; so

far, there is no indication any of them met with foul play.

Of course, the identity and circumstances of the most recent foot have yet to be determined, so there’s

plenty of room for creepy conjecture.


Source: King 5 King5

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