It’s scary to think someone is creeping on you. Forget big brother, forget peeping toms and just imagine the nasty old neighbor peering out his window at you while walk the dog down your street at night.

For those who’d like to inflict that kind of trauma on others, Scary Tapping Peeper is the Halloween prank of your devious dreams. This old, abstractly creepy man taps on any window he’s suctioned to and is guaranteed to give anyone in the near vicinity a genuine scared to death experience.

You can set the man to tap his moving finger three times on the glass when activated by motion, or three taps every ten seconds. A metal tip on the end of his finger ensures that the tapping is audible, and gives your victim an auditory clue to turn in the direction of this creepy-as-hell face. Hopefully no one will arrest you or the puppet for being a huge creep.

From Grandin Road. Cost $60