This Church May Be the Creepiest Place You’ve Ever Seen


The Chandelier made from at least one of every bone in the human body is really just the icing on this seriously creepy cake.  It’s not an epic Halloween “Haunt” or a movie set for the next great gothic thriller; it’s a centuries old Roman Catholic church nestled into the Czech countryside. The unassuming exterior of The Sedlec Ossuary hides a macabre and captivating interior adorned with the skeletal remains of at least 40,000 souls.


Back in 1278, one of Sedlec’s abbots returned from Jerusalem with a jar filled with “holy soil from Golgatha”.  After sprinkling it throughout the cemetery, the spot became prime real estate for the recently departed near and far.  It was nearing capacity before the Black Death added a dearth of the dead in the 15th Century.  Finally, in 1870, the Bohemian royal family employed František Rint to use the many thousand skulls and bones to decorate the chapel.


In addition to the immense chandelier mentioned at the beginning of the article, visitors can marvel at a coat of arms of the Schwarzenberg family, also constructed entirely human bones.  For a virtual tour and more chilling details about Sedlec, check out the video below, courtesy of Atlas Obscura.

The Sedlec Ossuary definitely looks more like the setting of a horror movie than a venue for weddings and baptisms—which makes it incredibly intriguing for fans of all things both sever and beautiful.  I’ll definitely be adding a trip here to my Bucket List!

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