WE love our comic book hero’s and villains.



10.  Violator- Spawn’s most recognizable villain has two frightening forms, the first being a terrifying tubby clown. He’s the oldest and most powerful of five demons called the Phlebiac Brothers and is usually tasked with making sure that Hellspawns like Spawn do Satan’s biding. He’d probably be more frightening if he wasn’t so funny. His frightening two forms and his smart mouth make him easily the most memorable part of the Spawn comics. In the 1997 live-action film version of Spawn he was played quite faithfully by John Leguizamo.


9. Zoom- There were three Reverse-Flashes in the old DCU but to be none stand out more than Hunter Zolomon a.k.a. Zoom. The main villain for the third and in my humble opinion best Flash, Wally West. What makes him so horrifying is his actions and reasoning for them. He was once Wally’s friend, helping him put away several villains. After an accented that left Hunter paralyzed from the waist down he begged Wally to travel back in tine to prevent it. Wally refused out of fear of damaging the timeline (this is why he’s better than Barry Allen), so Hunter tried to do so himself and blew up the Flash museum. Though not successful at time travel he did gain the abilities of The Flash.  At this point he decided that Wally couldn’t be as good of a Flash as Barry because he hadn’t experienced enough tragedy so he set out to hurt Wally and those close to him for his own good. He eventually succeeded when he attacked Wally’s wife causing the miscarriage of their unborn twins.


8. Carnage- A true product of the 90’s if there ever was one, Carnage became massively popular after his introduction almost instantly. He’s been in TV shows, had his own video game and was a main villain to Spider-Man for years to come. Carnage is a Symbiote born from Venom who is a popular Spider-Man villain in his own right but became more of an anti-hero as most people who wear the Venom Symbiote have a sense of morality at the very least. Carnage however is worn by an homicidal maniac named  Cletus Kasady. As a child he killed his grandmother, tried to kill his mom, tortured and killed his mom’s dog, killed the disciplinarian administrator of the boarding school he was sent too, pushed a girl in front of a bus and burned down the previously mentioned boarding school and that was just as a kid!


7. Scarecrow- The Scarecrow isn’t just frightening because of his appearance, though it certainly helps. His real name is Dr. Jonathan Crane, a physiotherapist obsessed with fear. Before he started his life of crime he worked at Arkham Asylum, where he conducted fear experiments on the inmates. He usually uses gas or needle injections to get his poison in his targets systems which causes them to hallucinate their greatest fears.


6. Abomination- His the only thing stronger than The Hulk and he’s a master manipulator. Emil Blonsky is a KGB agent who used the same gamma radiation to make the Hulk (except a lot more of it) to turn himself into Abomination. He worked for the military, hunting Hulk until he turned on them. He beat The Hulk in the first encounter and remained a formidable foe to The Hulk and the rest of the Marvel Universe until Ironman killed him by transporting him into space. Brutal.


5. Mephisto- He’s pretty much the devil of the Marvel Universe and he does just about everything you would expect from someone with that title. He was first seen as an enemy of Silver Surfer, after that he took on the likes of Thor and Daredevil but he’s probably most well known for creating Ghost Rider, who would become his greatest foe. He often seen trying to make deals for souls and other things he might want or need. His incredible powers make him a match for just about eve hero Marvel has to offer.


4. Red Skull- A Nazi with a ghoulish appearance is bad enough but what makes Red Skull so terrifying is his goal of world domination and how far he’s will to go to active it. He was a onetime leader of Hydra but he’s done just as much destruction on his own as he did with that massive group backing him. During WW2 he was Hitler’s right-hand-man but much like his main foe Capetian America he escaped death and made it to modern time where he continued his path of destruction.


3. Two-Face- The story of Harvey Dent is tragic. He was a good man and a hard working district attorney but he had a troubled past. He was raised by an abusive mental ill father which caused him to develop his own psychological issues. After getting disfigured by some acid to the face by a vengeful mobster Dent’s dark side came out in full in the form of Two-Face, a psychotic career criminal who uses a coin given to him by his father to decide people’s fate. Heads you live’ tails you die.  He’s that rare breed of equal parts sympathetic and terrifying.


2. Doctor Doom- Victor-Von Doom is terrifying because he’s one of the most brilliant minds in the word and he uses it to try to take said word over. He’s the ruler of his own country named Latveria and is often excused for his heinous actions because of fear of an international indecent. He’s the most formidable foe on earth for any hero. He taken on The Avengers, Dr. Strange and of course The Fantastic Four. He’s come closer to taking over/destroying the world more times than anyone in the Marvel Universe, all while wearing the creepiest suit of armor ever.


1. Joker- Who else but The Joker could top this list? He’s the definition of fear in comic books. He’s beaten Robin to death, shot and parallelized Batgirl and rained down more death and destruction onto Gotham than any other villain and that is saying something for sure. Most recently he stepped up his frightening levels by faking is own death by cutting his face off. His daughter Duela Dent wore his face for a bit before Joker re-emerged and hooked that sucker back on his head. Despite that he was never more terrifying than he was in the iconic 1988 story ‘The Killing Joke.’ If you haven’t read that amazing comic do yourself a favor and pick it up.