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A person or thing that is especially popular or particularly well liked by someone

Tom Holland’s Terror Time – the best in horror, sci-fi and superhero news. All things good and scary that you will dig.

Readers’ Poll Results: Your 10 Favorite Horror Movies of 2019!

The polls are now closed and the results have been tallied... and now we can reveal the results of our new poll, in which you selected your...

Horror Movies That Gave You Nightmares As A Kid [Infographic]

Horror Movies That Gave You Nightmares As A Kid Remember when you were young and you watched that horror movie and then you tried to go to bed? Only...
favorite horror movies

Friday the 13th Part 2 and Creepshow 2 celebrate one more year as some...

Two of horror's beloved films turn one year older today. A hockey masked malevolence and a comic book full of creeps that come to life, which one of these make...

Let us in! Five fantastic home invasion movies

Our homes provide us shelter and a safe place to lay our heads, that is until someone invades and separates our head from our body and our home. Home...
David Cronenberg - Movie Director

Five Mind Blowing David Cronenberg moments

David Cronenberg has been delighting and terrifying audiences for decades with his brand of film making. In honor of his birthday here's five instances where he blew our minds...

Sinister Seasides: Spring & Summer Trips You Wish You Never Took

Whether you are planning a Spring Break getaway or you're starting to look for the perfect spot to spend summer vacation, chances are there is a coastal hotspot on...

You’re So Grounded: Five Awesome Killer Kid Films

Kids are always up to something and the majority of the time it's simple harmless fun but in the realm of horror it's never a good sign when the...

2016 Horror Headlines. Can 2017 Do Better? We Think So!

Despite some declaring that horror is dead, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just look at the news: it’s more alive now than ever, and pushing the boundaries...

Jay Kay Gives His Four Favorite Film Festival Experiences of 2016

For the first time in my near five years of being on the road for The Horror Happens Radio Show (and Tom Holland’s Terror Time this past year), I...

The Top Horror TV Watched In 2016

2016 continued the swell with new and continuing horror TV. We saw incoming shows like Stranger Things (more on that later,) Outcast, Damien, The Exorcist, Channel Zero, and others....

Top 10 Most Anticipated Horror Films For 2017

2017 is inching ever closer and with the new calendar year comes an entire slate of fresh horror films for fans to devour. The new year promises to run...

Tired Of Holiday Classics? HBO GO Has These Great Horror Classics Lined Up For...

It’s often said that October is set aside for horror fans, and December is given for holiday cheer. HBO GO is going to make sure that we have somewhere...