As we gear up for David Gordon Green’s anticipated relaunch of Halloween set for release this October 19th via Blumhouse/Universal, we thought it a good time to take a look at three of the hottest Halloween collectibles currently on the market.

Trick or Treat Studios Halloween Mask

Halloween Mask

Sculpted by Academy award-winning FX artist Christopher Nelson (along with Vincent Van Dyke and Justin Mabry), the officially licensed Halloween 2018 Michael Myers Mask from Trick or Treat Studios is an exact replica of the one worn by The Shape actors Nick Castle and James Courtney in Green’s upcoming film, and its attention to detail is incredible (believe me, I witnessed the screen-used mask in action while on set, and this retail version is virtually indistinguishable from it).


Currently available for pre-order for $59.99 at with a shipping window of September/October of 2018, we’d predict that this mask will sell out, so don’t dawdle.

Halloween 35th Anniversary Theatrical Re-release Poster

Halloween 35

Currently available at (Trancas International Films’ official site for all things Halloween), the Halloween 35th Anniversary Re-release Poster celebrates three of the series films (Carpenter’s original, and the first two in the “Curse of the Thorn” trilogy, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers) and is of interest to completists.

Sized at 27” x 39” the print is available for $21.99, and with the 40th anniversary of Halloween taking place this October (and subsequent upcoming events and merchandise to coincide), we’d predict that this print won’t be re-stocked once sold out.

Threezero 1/6 Scale The Curse of Michael Myers Figure

Three Zer

Lastly, for those articulated figure collectors out there, the Threezero 1/6 scale The Curse of Michael Myers figure is a must (check out some images of the one we purchased below).

Standing at 12.5 inches, the figure features a detailed sculpt (the eyes seem to peer malevolently at you from beneath the mask), rooted hair and blood-stained cloth coveralls, as well as two sets of hands, two large kitchen knives (one clean, the other bloody) and an axe. It’s a faithful mini recreation of the mask from part six…although we will say the figure is a bit more svelte than H6’s George P. Wilbur (no offense, George!).

Retailing for $150.00 at Sideshow Toys and having been sold out for months, savvy collectors may be able to find the Threezero Myers available for private sale either on Ebay or at , an online destination for collectors (which is where we found ours).

Until next time!

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