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Gothic Castle Can Be Yours for $45M

Chrismark Castle has stone walls, towers, a moat, and a drawbridge.

Castles are almost synonymous with fairytales—and nightmares!  Case in point: Chrismark Castle in Woodstock, Connecticut, looks more likely to harbor descendants of Vlad the Impaler than Mr. & Mrs. Charming!  But if you’re looking for an abode with a major horror movie aesthetic, you’re in luck: This macabre and humble estate can be yours for a mere $45 million!

Maybe you’re looking for a place to run a year round Haunted Attraction, or perhaps you and your clan want to emulate The Adams Family: All it takes is $45 million!

welcome-to-chrismark-castle-in-woodstock-connecticutAre you a mad scientist looking for the perfect spot to set up your laboratory or a vengeful spirit seeking an appropriate location for torturing children?  Do you have a collection of possessed dolls to house or need a nice dank dungeon to imprison your deformed sibling?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions (and have $45 million to spare) contact the good people over at Coldwell Banker to get that escrow rolling!

Are you looking for a watery grave to hide an undead serial killer?  Did I mention Chismark Castle has its own lake?  The property sports 8 bedrooms (5 with fireplaces), 10 bathrooms, and a zoo for housing exotic animals (like werewolves, hell hounds, or cupacabras from example).  There’s plenty of room in the moat for your pet dragon.

the-property-was-built-on-a-354-acre-parcel-of-land-it-is-being-sold-with-75-of-those-acres-as-well-as-a-lake-called-lake-porterIt may look like a place with hundreds of years of history, but Chismark Castle broke ground in 2003 and was completed in 2010—making it quite a youthful domicile indeed.  While the home may not have any resident specters yet, it’s the perfect place for a hard working mass murderer to cultivate his own personal poltergeist!

In addition to the photos presented here, you can take a behind the scenes tour of Chrismark Castle as it was under construction in the video below.

Personally, Chrismark isn’t quite big or creepy enough for my personal needs, but it’s sure to make some special lunatic very happy.  All it takes: $45 million!

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