Bill Moseley

Born in Stamford, Connecticut. Grew up in Barrington Hills, Illinois. A graduate of Yale University. Lead singer and song writer of the band “Cornbugs” and also the band “Spider Mountain: No Way Down” amongst other musical endeavors. Bill popped on the horror radar in the cult classic “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” as ChopTop. Since then he has been a powerhouse of characters!

Bill Moseley

AH: From ChopTop to Otis… You have given us such amazing characters, but for you personally, which one included your favorite “holy shit” moment?

BM: Pistol-raping Priscilla Barnes in the Kahiki Palms motel scene in “The Devil’s Rejects.” The first time through was scary and disturbing, really twisted my guts. That’s when Rob Zombie said to me: “Art is not safe,” and man, was he right! Of course then we had to do the same action another 20 times for all the takes and different camera angles.

AH: Absolutely could see that! Pistol-raping is something that doesn’t make most “To do” lists. Having the musical interest and roots you have, what song best describes your work ethic?

BM: Devo’s version of “Working in a Coal Mine”

Bill Moseley

AH: Aw, cover to Lee Dorsey’s 1966 song! Nice! Up before the sun and to tired for havin fun…With being so daring and polished in creating such characters as you have, does any one of them still haunt you?

BM: Not really. I generally leave my characters out on screen, don’t bring them home with me. I’m never too far away from Choptop, but that’s more by choice than some dark obsession. My characters belong to their stories; all I do is  give them a leg up and tip my cap afterwards.

AH: Which role posed the most difficult to get into character for?

BM: Probably Otis, but not because he was so dark; I just didn’t think of myself as a sexy guy. It took some convincing on the part of Rob Zombie to leave Choptop behind and embrace Otis, but somehow, some way I got there.

AH: An impressive way to leave work at work! What do you think about when driving alone in your car?

BM: I am constantly amazed at the number of shitty drivers there are in Los Angeles!

AH: Aw, mirrors my thoughts living in DC! What is your bottom line advice to folks who want to be in horror industry in general?

BM: First and foremost, enjoy yourself! And get paid! Get paid is my advice to actors in general. Re: the horror industry, if you’re attracted to it because you really want to saw someone in half, seek psychiatric help. The horror fans, and my horror peers, have, for the most part, a very clear sense of what’s real and what’s fantasy. A good scare is a wonderful thing. Horror movies can make for a great date. Just make sure the blood that flows is Karo syrup and not hemoglobin!

AH: What takes you to your “zen” place after a movie raps and you go back to being “Bill”

BM: Getting back into my routine: doing the laundry, feeding the pets, driving school carpool, hitting the gym, my voice lesson. I’m not a method actor, so I don’t require a cooling off period where I go from homicidal maniac to John Q .

AH: Your “normal human” activities are refreshing! What outlets can we use to follow you and your projects in the non stalker way.

BM: You can follow me on Twitter & Instagram (@choptopmoseley) and relax & enjoy some ribs at my official website,

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