The Waking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Josh McDermitt talks about taking a bite out of trouble [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead's Josh McDermitt talks about taking a bite out of trouble Last night on 'The Walking Dead' we saw 2 major moments of the comic book go down...

Interview with ‘Divorced Dad’s’ Matthew Kennedy of Astron-6

Interview with Divorced Dad's Matthew Kennedy of Astron-6 Matthew it is great to get some time during this busy period for you and Astron-6 with the release of the trailer...

The amazing Dee Wallace – Interview by Jay K

TH Terror Time and the amazing Dee Wallace TT: Ms. Wallace it is a great pleasure to speak with you and have you answer some questions for the Terror Time...

‘Toby-One Kenobi’ – The Two Nosed Dog Sniffs his way into our hearts

We believe that being different is a good thing. Embrace the strange. Meet Toby. A dog with Two Noses that was about to be put down when he was...

Chicatronica style – Interview With Director Patricia Chica

Patricia Chica Interview by Jay K    Very honored to speak with you in the first as a part of Tom Holland's Terror Time! For those who do not realize, you...

Tony Todd joins Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover!

If you aren't familiar with Adam Green's online series Scary Sleepover you better familiarize yourself! Adam Green, creator of so many great horror films such as Frozen, the Hatchet...

‘The Wicked Sick’ – Robert Rusler

The Wicked Sick Robert Rusler By Jessica Dwyer Robert Rusler has had a long career in the world of horror and sci-fi both on the big screen and small. Most horror...

John Carpenter Speaks: Secrets of ‘Halloween,’ Roddy Piper & Plagiarism Case

Earlier this week, Seth Abramovitch of The Hollywood Reporter sat down with the infamous director, John Carpenter. Horror fan's can never get enough John Carpenter or his movies. He talk's...

Rocket Jump Film School Master Class With Writer/Director Tom Holland

The gang at Rocketjump Film School recently asked our fearless leader, Tom Holland, to come and talk to them about film making. What followed was an amazing discussion that...