As ‘10 Cloverfield Lane‘ gets closer to release J.J. Abrams wants viewers to know that it is NOT ‘Cloverfield 2’.

“It’s not called Cloverfield 2 for a reason, and it’s very much a different film than what Matt Reeves directed,” Abrams told Empire when talking about what to expect from the surprise project originally announced as Valencia.

“It’s an opportunity to do something that is more rare than it should be in Hollywood films, which is to tell an original story, [and] to do it in a way that is connected as a spiritual successor to Cloverfield.”

Later in the same interview, he repeats the idea that the new movie is explicitly not a direct sequel, instead calling it “a spiritual successor to that movie in a way and there’s a real kinship between the films.”

10 Cloverfield Lane hits theaters March 10.


source: Empire