8-Disc Nightmare on Elm Street Box Set Coming October 16th

In an exclusive with Bloody Disgusting Varèse Sarabande has announced that they will be releasing the Elm Street Box Set featuring all the films soundtracks.

Freddy Box 1

This set will have all of the iconic music from the Elm Street movies including Freddy vs. Jason and so much more. There isn’t a really good box set for the Elm Street films and that’s a shame. All of the other major slashers have awesome box sets for their movies. It’s sad that Freddy is left out of this trend but now at the very least we can get all of the great music from the films in one place. This box set will have all the movie soundtracks, almost 3 hours of expanded bonus tracks, brand new artwork from Shawn Conn and the original covers for all the films.  Probably my favorite touch is the knitted Freddy sweater sleeve it comes in.

Freddy Box 2

Sadly this set is limited to 2000 copies so you’ll want to order yours fast before they’re gone. This is a must have set for any collector or super fan of the Elm Street series. Hopefully this set’s sale will lead to a grand movie box set being released some time in the near future, until then I’ll be more than happy picking up this set of all of Freddy’s best tunes.

Starting tomorrow you can pre-order you copy at www.varesesarabande.com