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Review: THE INVISIBLE MAN is a Smart Take on a Timeless Classic

The multi-talented writer-director-actor behind the hit horror franchises SAW and Insidious, as well as the bloody indie sci-fi/action thriller Upgrade and outrageous zombie-comedy Cooties, Leigh Whannell has...

Uncharted Depths of Amazon Prime: ALL DOLLED UP

Almost all movies are made for one or two reasons: Someone either wants to express an artistic vision, or someone wants to make some money. This week’s...

Uncharted Depths of Amazon Prime: PHASE IV

This week’s forgotten flick is 1974’s nature-gone-wild epic Phase IV, an unforgettable combination of slow-burn eeriness, beautiful photography, and murderous, super-intelligent ants. When...

Readers’ Poll Results: Your 10 Favorite Horror Movies of 2019!

The polls are now closed and the results have been tallied... and now we can reveal the results of our new poll, in which you selected your...

SURVEY: What’s Your Favorite Horror Movie of 2019?

It's hard to believe how fast this year has flown by... one might even say it's a little bit terrifying. But on the plus side, 2019 has...

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… FRIDAY THE 13TH!

In case you got distracted by Christmastime chaos, we'd like to remind you it's Friday the 13th! It would be a crime to not dedicate a list...

Lewis Teague’s ALLIGATOR and the Spirit of ‘70s Indie Cinema

Independent films of the 1970s are often regarded as continuing the erosion of cultural norms and the continued worship of transgressive subjects that began in the ‘60s....

Uncharted Depths of Amazon Prime: SOCIETY and PARENTS (1989)

This week’s descent into the darkest depths of Internet video streaming is a two-for-one holiday special: Society and Parents, a couple of family-centric, coming-of-age horror-comedy flicks released...

Cinematic Void’s Black Friday Double Feature Was ’80s Mall Madness

No holiday season is complete without a trip to the mall... the Chopping Mall, that is.  Cinematic Void, an organization that promotes screenings of classic horror, sci-fi...

SHUDDER’s Chilling December Includes Craven Classics, New Exclusives & Holiday Horrors

Popular horror streaming service Shudder has announced highlights from their December schedule — which looks like quite a holiday package for horror fans: a triple-header of Wes...

Uncharted Depths of Amazon Prime: INVASION OF THE BLOOD FARMERS (1972)

This week’s trip to the cinematic sewer courtesy of Amazon Prime Video is Invasion of the Blood Farmers, a violent '70s exploitation flick that will have you...

Todd Phillips is Reportedly Open to Making a JOKER Sequel

As the controversial, fan-polarizing Joker rapidly approaches the $1 billion mark at the box office, it's already made movie history: not only is it the most successful...