The mother ship now has some crew with a who’s who of indie horror starlet’s signing on to Bandit Motion Pictures latest film, Space Babes From Outer Space. The film also marks the return of Brian K. Williams to the director’s chair. With his feature debut, Time To Kill gaining a cult following since it’s release it’s going to be interesting to see what Brian and partner in crime Scott Schirmer bring to the screen this go around. With the cast that’s been announced thus far one thing is for sure. These Space Babes are going to blow our minds.


Horror fan favorite Ellie Church (Harvest Lake, Plank Face ) leads the charge  the casting and is joined by the likes of Hailey Jay Madison (Headless, Hunters),  Brigid Macaulay (Plank Face, Time To Kill), Lucian Cline (Switch, Harvest Lake), Sadie Tate (Fangboner, The Big F), Alyss Winkler (Plank Face), and Allison Maier (Frankenstein Created Bikers, Spring Break Zombie Massacre). Brian Papandrea (Fangboner, The Big F), Jason Crow (Legend Of Wasco, Cannibal Cop) and Jason Hignite (Frankenstein Created Bikers, The Devil Dogs Of Kilo Company) are the lucky gents announced so far that will encounter the space babes.


Brian and Scott had this to say regarding the switch from horror to comedy.  “After doing two pretty somber movies, we’re ready to shake things up and make an all-out comedy,” says Williams. “But not just any comedy — a sexy space comedy!” He continued with “It’s the kind of fun, sexy, feel good film that I grew up watching as a teenager in the 80’s, and I’ve always wanted to bring that sort of thing to the screen. “With a cast of characters that are truly out of this world, it’s Barbarella meets Screwballs, with a dash of Splash, and tons of laughs.” Scott adds: “Our company mission is to release two feature films a year for as long as people seem interested in what we make and for as long as we can afford to make them, We’re definitely not finished with horror.” “We think Space Babes will have a lot of cross-over appeal with horror fans, actually. After going to the dark places Harvest Lake and Plank Face took us, we think our audience is ready to laugh and have a good time with the Space Babes. I know we are!”

Horror and laughter have a long history together and I know I’m all in on anything these two filmmaker’s bring us down the line. Check out the slideshow below of the cast and follow the progress of Space Babes From Outer Space on Facebook and head over to the Bandit Motion Pictures website to pick up copies of Harvest Lake and Plank Face both of which made the Top 10 of 2016 list.