While everyone was focused on the political disaster that unfolded this past Tuesday night, you might of missed the fact that the mummy slayer himself, The KING of rock and roll, wheeled himself onto blu-ray!


Shout! Factory — the amazing folks who have recently released such gems as, the collector’s editions of CHILD’S PLAY and THE EXORCIST III — have done it once again, this time with the Don Coscarelli (PHANTASM) written and directed comedic horror flick, BUBBA HO-TEP. The film that has been hailed as, “the best movie to star both the King and JFK”, BUBBA HO-TEP turns out to be a surprisingly heartfelt examination of aging. In the film we view an aging, limp, and defeated Elvis Presley (played hilariously by the Bruce Campbell) — who is alive, spending his time at a convalescent home, recovering from a 20 year coma — whose only friend is an african american man named Jack (Ossie Davis); who is convinced he is John F. Kennedy. The King struggles to find his will to live, and spends most of time contemplating his youth. On his quest for relevance, he finds his mojo after a brush with an ancient scarab beetle. With a new purpose, and a raging hard… uh, ambition, he battles a reanimated ancient Egyptian mummy — he’s taken to calling BUBBA HO-TEP. The film was based off the novella by Joe R. Lansdale, and was published on August 1st, 1994.

The film is filled with some amazing one-liners that Bruce Campbell is a master of, along with some of that quirky humor and some completely heartfelt moments.

The blu-ray was officially released on 11/08 and here are the Bonus Features:Bubba Ho-Tep Blu-Ray Cover

  • NEW Audio Commentary With Author Joe R. Lansdale
  • NEW All Is Well – An Interview With Writer/Director Don Coscarelli
  • NEW The King Lives! – An Interview With Star Bruce Campbell
  • NEW Mummies And Make-up – An Interview With Special Effects Artist Robert Kurtzman
  • Audio Commentary By Don Coscarelli And Bruce Campbell
  • Audio Commentary By “The King”
  • Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary By Don Coscarelli And Bruce Campbell
  • “The Making Of Bubba Ho-Tep” Featurette
  • “To Make A Mummy” Make-up And Effects Featurette
  • “Fit For A King” Elvis Costuming Featurette
  • “Rock Like An Egyptian” Featurette About The Music Of Bubba Ho-Tep
  • Joe R. Lansdale Reads From Bubba Ho-Tep
  • Archival Bruce Campbell Interviews
  • Music Video
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spot
  • Still Gallery

That should keep you busy for a bit, and for all you trivia buffs this should help you sharpen your skills for the next round. To purchase the flick online click HERE and take advantage of all those awesome Special Features!