Everyone loves a good fight and with the election coming up this week there’s no better time for a list of my five favorite horror movie fight scenes. From the gory and grisly to mental prowess and microwaves this list covers it all. Let’s kick it off with….



5. King Kong vs Godzilla- Fight Scene: While not technically a horror film I challenge you to show me one horror fan that doesn’t love the two combatants that went ape toe to Zilla tail back in 1962. While it will seem dated to those conditioned to CGI there’s nothing like two people in creature suits duking it out and destroying Japan in the process.


4. Gremlins- Kitchen Slaughter: Gremlins was the first movie I vividly remember seeing as a child and boy did it do a number on me. The kitchen fight sequence is one of beauty as Lynn Peltzer takes on a horde of Gremlins with only her prowess in the kitchen to save her.


3. Scanners- Mind Over Everything: When I think mind fuck this is the first thing that I think about. God bless Michael Ironside and his ability to portray a bad ass 24/7.


2. Deathgasm-Sex Toys Do More Damage Than Guns: I understand the love for the lawnmower scene from Dead Alive but our heroes in Jason Lei Howden’s Deathgasm only had the power of anal beads and double penetration dildos to fend off the demons and in my mind that counts for something.


1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2- Triple Threat Chainsaw: Easily my all time favorite horror fight scene. After all of the lunacy that Tobe Hooper had thrown our way during the film he tops it off perfectly with Dennis Hopper showing Leatherface who’s boss when it comes to the art of chainsaw carnage.


So there it is folks. My five favorite horror movie fight scenes. Sound off and let me know what fight scenes get your blood flowing.