Frankenstein Created Bikers

Frankenstein Created Bikers. The title says it all!

Movie Review by : Brad Slaton

The exploitation genre will never be the same. Writer, Director, James Bickert has created a masterpiece of sleaze with the release of Frankenstein Created Bikers. The film is a follow up to the 2011 cult hit Dear God No! For those who haven’t seen Dear God No! The film follows the outlaw biker gang The Impalers on a killing spree. They hideout in a cabin in the woods and run afoul of Dr. Marco and Bigfoot. Everyone dies. I highly encourage everyone to seek out Dear God No! before watching Frankenstein Created Bikers. It serves to enhance the enjoyment. Frankenstein Created Bikers finds both The Impalers and Dr. Marco resurrected by Klaus (Laurence Harvey) an associate of Dr. Marco’s. The Impalers are given the task of capturing Bigfoot’s and women in exchange for the serum they need to survive.

Frankenstein created bikers

If the plot sounds crazy it only gets wilder as the minutes pass. James Bickert possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of cinema and as with his previous film he brings carnage and lunacy at a level that moviegoers have previously never seen on the screen. Another aspect that sets this film apart from its blood splattered contemporaries is the care with which James handles the multitude of characters.

While there are roles in the film strictly for the body count and nudity purposes the main players get some heady themes and emotions to play with underneath the sex and crimson. As for those characters James brought in some of the biggest and brightest names in the independent game right now to join with the returning cast. Tristan Risk (as Val, a batshit crazy one eyed ex out for revenge) and Ellie Church (as Candy, a woman thrown into the craziness and fighting to escape the horrors) bring their A games and once again show that they are the best indie actresses working today.

Frankenstein Created Bikers

The aforementioned Laurence Harvey continues to amaze me with each role he embodies and brings an old school exploitation sleaze to his character that would make Vic Diaz smile. As for the returning cast lead actor, Jett Bryant has further solidified his character also named Jett as an iconic character in the genre. As quotable as Captain Spaulding and far more bad ass. It would be a shame if some of his dialog isn’t immortalized on shirts, hats, and baby clothing. Madeline Brumby (returning as Edna Marco) shines as her character this time around makes a change that embodies the sultry female leads of exploitation films past. Paul McComisky brings a welcome and complex duality to his role of Dr. Marco that wasn’t present in the first film. Shane Morton (Randal) and James (Jimbo) along with the rest of the Impalers add to the authentic feel of the film with the return of their beer chugging audience pleasing roles. There is a soon to be iconic scene involving Shane and Tristan’s characters that I can guarantee will have fans yelling and applauding. People will talk about this scene for years. As with any exploitation film the gore is a must and it does not disappoint here. Shane and his Silver Scream FX crew along with legendary FX wiz, Marcus Koch bring the beauty of practical fx to levels that will please any gorehound. There’s chainsaws, Bigfoot carnage, gunshots and more to marvel at. Kudos to them for once again proving you don’t need a huge budget for great practical fx.

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Another facet that cannot be overlooked is the fact that James shot this on 35 mm film! He also avoids the gimmicky shaky shots and ADD cuts. We as genre fans have been subjected to an overabundance of digital handi-cam junk over recent years that it’s a breath of fresh air to finally watch a beautifully framed and filmed genre movie from a filmmaker and crew that truly care about and love genre films and the brutal process it entails. You can tell that everyone from the director to the PA gave 100% on this venture and it does not disappoint. I had high hopes going into this film and it far exceeded my wildest dreams. I highly recommend seeing and supporting Frankenstein Created Bikers and the people who gave blood, sweat, and beers to make it.

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