Adrienne King
Adrienne King

Her name be “King” but she is the Queen of Horror in the hearts of many.

Adrienne King
Adrienne King


Amy Humphries / Terror Time: It is always such an honor to be with this lady! Adrienne, thank you for taking time with me!

Adrienne King: Thank you Amy.

TT: It all started for you at the mere age of 6 months old and an ‘Ivory Soap’ commercial. And the fascinating career journey began! A remarkably gifted artist, a move to the Big Apple. Even jazz classes, tap, ballet and voice lessons. And this is a fun fact. A disco dancer in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER behind John Travolta and that’s barely scratching the surface. How did all of those events play into your next choice being a little indie horror film?

AK: I was a young and eager New York actress auditioning for everything out there that made sense! I desired to act! I’ve always been a firm believer in just going for it; the “nothing ventured, nothing gained” philosophy. I didn’t even have a theatrical agent (just a commercial agent) at that time. FRIDAY THE 13TH was an Open Call in BackStage that Summer of ’79 and I auditioned with hundreds of other hopeful campers!

TT: You’ve stated before that a pervasive “indie” spirit ruled upon arriving on set of FRIDAY THE 13TH Did that spirit impact you as an actor and did it make being ‘Alice’ harder or easier in any way?


AK: You couldn’t help but feel the excitement in the air when we all arrived at Camp Nobebosco that beautiful Tuesday morning (September 3, 1979) day after Labor Day. I remember going for a run, which felt so good after the 2 plus hour ride from Manhattan. I began transforming into “Alice” as soon as I inhaled that first breath of fresh woodsy camp air and it began to fill my lungs. I felt very independent! I took a jogging tour of the camp and got lost in “Alice’s” head as I ran the script through my mind. We started filming that afternoon! Cast and crew: we were all so young and passionate! We did what we had to do to get the shot! No stunt people; no worries! I don’t know if it made it easier or harder being Alice but I certainly wouldn’t change a thing.

TT: You were the first ‘Final Girl’ of the FRIDAY THE 13TH film franchise when your character ‘Alice’ survived to see Part 2. What is your most memorable moment working in the films and how does that role still have an effect on the characters you are cast for?


AK: Looking back I truly remember and appreciate my scenes with Betsy Palmer with true fondness; intense but precious all-nighters! They were tough but oh! They still ring so true. Betsy taught me so much as an actress on set; just watching her and listening to the backstory she created for Mrs. Voorhees. I miss her deeply and I know the fans do as well. In terms of casting, I’ve been blessed not to have ever been stereotyped; Just check out TALES OF POE & ALL AMERICAN BULLY (RedBox) and you’ll see what I mean.

TT: And the birth of Crystal Lakes Wine! What is the story behind this amazing product?

AK: Isn’t it incredible? When my husband, Richard and I “retired” to wine country in Southern Oregon (ten years ago) we enjoyed touring all the wineries in our Valley to taste, find our favorite and become wine club members. That’s what oenophiles get to do if they are blessed. We chose Valley View Winery, the finest and oldest family-owned and run Winery in Southern Oregon. We got to know the Wisnovsky family and winemaker, John Guerrero and after three years they confided they were fans of my art and FRIDAY THE 13TH. They invited me to join “their family”: I ran the Valley View tasting room for a year and they taught me whatever I still needed to learn. It was fascinating and fabulous! Acting, art and wine: now three passions… SO, One day we decided to see if there was an audience for fine wine in our horror genre. We created a Facebook Page: Crystal Lake Wines by Adrienne King. Well, it blew out their website and we knew we were onto something that my fans would truly enjoy! It’s a complete labor of love for me. Such a full circle 3 passion-combo: my oil paintings of my own F13 character Alice & her canoe adorn the Crystal Lake labels; different colors for different varietals. I sign each and every bottle if you want and I hand wrap each personally. I try to make every order very special. I like to say that “FRIDAY THE 13TH is the gift that keeps on giving.” Crystal Lake Wines just celebrated its’ 5th Anniversary and we are going strong without one penny in advertising or marketing! It’s strictly social media and fabulous word-of- mouth from my happy campers! I probably have way too much fun creating the Crystal Lake Wine names: Survivor’s Syrah, Cabin A Sauvignon, Midnight Merlot, Moonlit Chardonnay, and my newest CHILLER White. Camp Blush sold out! (We’ll have Product placement in upcoming movie: WILLIAM FROSTE.)


Also, if you happen to be in Southern Oregon, come visit my Crystal Lake Corner @ VVW with lots of cool FRIDAY THE 13TH memorabilia and have a tasting! I’ll pour! (contact me to schedule your tasting)

Camp Crystal Lake

TT: The Back to the Lake II shorts for Crystal Lakes Wine are brilliant!

AK: I agree! The response has been overwhelming!! Kudos go straight to my bloody brilliant webmaster, Curtis Pew & his very talented partner, Dallas Bobbitt of DC Worldhome & NY filmmaker Victor Bonacore. They filmed at Camp Crystal Lake (NobeBosco) having hiked in with my Crystal Lake Wines bottles! Such devoted campers & dear friends! Then we all met up at a MonsterMania convention & bluescreened the parts with me! They are so clever and inventive! Curtis creates all the Jason & Alice avatars running around on and keeps everything up to date for my campers! We’re all so proud of www.crystallakewines,com It’s such a real tribute to happy campers with excellent taste!

TT: Well you know I will need to get another bottle myself! Adrienne, we have so much love for you! We will do this again soon! Thanks you!

AK: It’s been a bloody blast!


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